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All Single Malt’s served in 40ml portions



IWSC gold medal in 2011 and silver in San Francisco WSC 2011. Its composition is formed by combining distillates leżakujących in different barrels: bourbon, sherry and other previously storing a variety of wines. Perceptible aroma of honey, mango, pears, vanilla, coconut and chocolate.

Aberlour 15 y

The color red amber, taste extremely light, but rough, slightly bitter chocolate, fresh nuts and oak. This whiskey matured in bourbon casks and sherry for 14 years, to then hit the year to specially selected Oloroso sherry casks.

AnCnoc 12 y

Light and gentle and yet complex. Taste sweet, floral, sometimes vanilla, but with a hint of smoke and spices.

Ardberg 10 y Camuflage

Palpable intense dymno-citrus note. Expressive accents of mint and black pepper intertwine with the smell of tar, old rope, and graphite.

Auchentoschan american oak

Matured in bourbon casks. Ideally sweet, fruity with a dominant mature peach, citrus aftertaste on the tongue and the ubiquitous vanilla.

Coal ila 12 y

Smoke, hospital palpable citrus fruits, essential oils from orange peel, seaweed, iodine, with a hint of floral and peppermint.

Old Pulteney 12 y

Intense amber color with sparkling copper glow. The smell distinctly intense and complex with notes of green apple, toffee, roots and spices.

Strathisla 12 y

Rich fruity aroma with a complex aroma of hay with dryness balanced oak. We feel the taste here of hay and smooth sweetness nuts.

Tomintoul 12 y porto

Taste delicate, elegant with a sweet port wine. Palpable slight hint of pepper.

Tomintoul 12 y sherry

A round creamy aroma and flavor with subtle sweetness of sherry.

Nikka black

Taste full of fruits, balanced oak, peat and butterscotch.

Bruichladdich Laddie Classic

Maturing exclusively in American oak bourbon casks, it has a classic floral taste and smell.

Glenlivet 18 y

Wonderfully balanced flavor with a hint of sweet orange highlighted, very rich in fruit and toffee notes. Long finish with hints of spice and raisins.

Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 y

Slightly rusty color, taste sherry, oranges, walnuts and butterscotch. The scent perceptible warming a mixture of spices and chocolate with nuts.

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

The noticeable dark chocolate with mint, tangerine, nuts and black pepper. Smooth and long finish, leaving the taste of chocolate.

Laphroaig 10 y

Dominated by the enormity of smoke and seaweed with a characteristic note of medical care. Full of flavor strongly built, emphasizing the flavor and adds a touch of sweetness.

Macallan 10 y fine oak

Gentle, delicate and light with a hint of malt and sweetness on the palate. For the production of the Fine Oak range is used both bourbon barrels and sherry.

Glen Moray 16 y

Clearly perceptible aroma of dried fruit, chocolate and spices. A drop of water already been added to the drink brings out the taste of barley sugar and a delicate note of peat. Smooth with an element of toffee and a hint of mint. The finish is reflected slight hint of smoke.

Glenfiddich 12 y

The 12-year-old whiskey is the best selling single malt’em in the world. I strongly feel the aroma of fresh pears and sweet. Long and gentle finish.

Glenfiddich 15 y

Glenfiddich from three types of casks (after an American bourbon, sherry and new oak) is mixed in large vats made of pine. Full and fruity aroma of pears and baked apples, with delicate honey and vanilla noticeable. The taste is elegantly smooth, with notes of fruit, spices, soft oaks and a hint of chocolate. The aftertaste is long and captivating palate.

Glenfiddich 18 y

Glenfiddich matured for 18 years in two types of oak barrels Oloroso Sherry and bourbon gets intensely fruity and oak flavor. Extremely balanced and smooth, with an interesting characteristic touch of apple pie, candied fruit and toffee.


Balvenie 12 y

A classic amber hue. The smell is full of notes of honey cradled in sweet fruits and subtle spices. The taste for a rich and complex with deep oak vanilla. Finish with a protracted sweets.