About us

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Restaurant Thai “Hot Spoon” owes its origin a spontaneous trip to Thailand. Culture, lifestyle and cuisine of the country inspired us enough to awaken in us dreams to play this magical place in the postindustrial Lodz.
The restaurant’s interior is rich in decorative elements such as images illustrating scenes from the life of the inhabitants of Thailand, Buddha statues and fresh flowers. This allows us to feel like in a restaurant in the heart of Bangkok, and for a moment dreams move on a long journey.
Our chefs are proud to …
Traveling around this beautiful country, visiting the most prestigious hotels such as Marriott, Sheraton or Hilton, completed the our staff responsible for the preparation of food or heart of the restaurant which is the kitchen.
In addition, in order to inspire confidence and give our guests the authenticity of freshness decided to glazing kitchen. With it, you can watch as the Venetian mirror behind what is cooking Thai, and together with us fall in love. This is a very sharp kitchen where the term “Thai Style” reflects many of the taste but also colorful, full of flavors and interesting smells. Especially for your request, we also prepare food in the European equivalent of the focus.